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Panasonic WV-CF102

Compact Fix Dome Camera 1/4" type CCD, 540 TV lines


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•All-in-one colour surveillance dome camera unit.
•The new Pixel Based 160x Dynamic Range with area free natural 
contrast image correction adjusts moment-to-moment changes in
contrast to view subjects accurately in all areas and positions.
•Higher horizontal resolution of 540-line (typical) at 
colour mode, and 570-line at B/W mode.
•Minimum illumination of 0.5 lux at colour mode, 
and 0.04 lux at B/W mode (Sens. up; off, AGC High).
•Innovative intelligent features:
*Auto image stabilizer function for applications where
vibration or wind is a concern, e.g. passing vehicles.
*Scene change detection alarms when lens is covered, spray
painted, removed, defocused or camera angle is changed.
*Auto tracking function tracks moving objects and keeps them centred 
in the field of view for restricted areas and after hour applications.
•Day/Night operation can be selected to automatically or manually switch
from colour to B/W.
•Privacy zone masking function.
•Linear 32x electronic sensitivity enhancement function.
•Digital motion detector.
•30x optical zoom lens (3.8 - 114 mm at F1.4) plus 10x electronic digital
zoom for total zoom capacity of 300x. 
•Auto focus lens.
•Digital-FLIP by memory allows automatic 180? turn.
•Patrol Learn function (8 zone total).
•Auto panning function with 256 preset positions.
•360? endless panning.
•Panning speed of max. 400?/s at preset mode and 0.065?/s super 
fine control at manual mode.
•Image Hold function during panning.
•Multiplex-coaxial or RS-485 data communication.
•Four (4) alarm inputs and two (2) outputs terminals.
•16 alphanumeric character display.
•Internal/Line-lock/Multiplexed Vertical Drive (VD2) synchronization.
•Optional smoked dome cover, ceiling and wall mounts brackets are
available for various applications.




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